Real stories, real people....

Introducing a few members of LeeZona, as well as members of the LeeZona Team, who accepted the challenge and caught the wave via LeeZona ONLINE or LeeZona LIVE, or got their start on the Biggest Loser and continued their journey with LeeZona. Some had smaller and some had bigger obstacles to overcome. Some had longer battles to fight, some shorter. But they all successfully changed their lives and continue to change today.


I’ve been battling my weight since I was a child. Even though I played sports all my life, a bad diet led to massive weight gain. I spent the last five years at the same weight I entered the Biggest Loser with. But with hard work, focus and motivation from family, my coach and others like me, I managed to lose 64kgs and completely change not only my habits but my life. After the show, I joined Sanja who stood by me the whole time and motivated me to enter the fitness industry. Today I am a proud member of the LeeZona Team and am maintaining my weight with proper nutrition and consistent training. It wasn’t easy, but I learnt that anything is possible!


I’ve been battling the pounds most of my life. Since I met Sanja Žuljević, I’ve come to learn that behind the weight-loss and lifestyle changes are a lot of knowledge, sacrifice and working on myself. At the moment I am really pleased with how things are progressing and I feel fantastic. I’m growing every day in the fields of training, nutrition and mental hygiene.


At the start of 2019, I weighed 110kg and I knew I had to do something. I used to have a lot of insecurities due to my weight and was often bullied by my peers. I simply didn’t want that to mark me. Today I even surprise myself when I see me carrying little containers with food to work. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy, I’m going through some major changes both at work and in my private life.

But in the end, everything fell into place. I dropped 25kg, I’m calmer, and have developed a whole new perspective on life.

LeeZona was the click I needed to happen in order to finally put myself first, which in turn improved so many other aspects of my life.


Classic story, I’ve been battling weight all my life, countless diets, and short-term failed attempts to lose weight which included giving up everything, starving and in the end simply giving up on myself because you just don’t feel like it, and end up gaining back twice the weight you lost. When I first joined LeeZona, I honestly didn’t have a lot of expectations, but at our first workshop I felt this enormous surge of positive energy and I knew this time would be different. Now, five months later and almost 20kgs down I can say that my hunch was right. From the Team, to the fun and diverse workouts, incredibly interesting and educational workshops, to the incredible variety of recipes and meal plans – everything is great! Every day I am more and more impressed, the changes are visible even when I myself don’t see them physically, and best of all, I’m not only not hungry, but I’ve learnt to eat healthy and delicious foods, and when I get hit with the munchies I know how to make a healthier version of whatever it is that I am craving.


I knew it was going to be hard, this was not one of those diets that lasts some time and doesn’t work… this is a lifestyle change. Now is the time to change habits, and mine are bad… Diet, meals, I’m changing… I forget sometimes that breakfast comes before coffee… but that’s why Sanja is here to remind me. I used to cook before, but now there is intent behind it… I thought to myself “Who’s going to buy all this food, plan meals ahead of time, and work that all into my everyday obligations and job”. Thank goodness for reusable containers which have become a must-have in my home…

Planning-shopping-cooking-meals Lemon + water, breakfast, coffee, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Working out - the best and easiest part of the program, I love it, I give it my all and I feel like Superman afterwards. After only a month and a half I’ve dipped below 100kg! WOOHOO! I feel great, the weight is coming off, but most important I am shedding so many negative feelings, food has become my ally, it is no longer my enemy. I love this new way of eating and I feel lighter, stronger, and resilient. The physical changes are here. So are the psychological ones. A new me… a better me, and a better me to others. No taking it easy Enisa. To anyone who has any doubt I’d suggest that they toughen up and do it… I’m not saying try, I’m saying do it and don’t give up, just like I will not give up.


After more than 4 months I can definitely say that my decision to join LeeZona is one of the best decisions I ever made. Honestly, I began my journey hoping for change but not really knowing what to expect. After the first group workout I can honestly call my group members my friends. Wonderful people, all different and special but with the same goals, wishes and problems, experienced trainers full of understanding, eager to work, always happy and smiling and ready to help – and determined to bring out the best in us – a winning combination which only pushed me further. I couldn’t believe that a person such as myself – with no talent for sport whatsoever, and who hadn’t done any sort of physical activity in 10 years – can hardly wait for the next workout and leave with a smile on my face every single time. LeeZona also taught me how to eat healthy, delicious foods, feel full and still lose weight. In only 4 months I learned that we can change; that no matter how old we are we can become a better version of ourselves. There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am to the whole LeeZona team and my fellow members who have supported me every step of the way – I am also grateful to myself for gathering up the courage to head on this journey which I hope will never end. Thank you 


I’m heading toward the finish line! Thank you LeeZona for this new way of life. Full steam ahead!


Even though I only started a few months before, this latest program with changes in nutrition and Sanja’s 4x4 workouts (FB Program), I have to say that my biggest motivators were Sanja and her team. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration and motivation!


I signed up for the program weighing 70.65kg, and then gained another 3 before the program even began. I wanted to quit a million times, but motivation within the group, the comments, the support we offer each other – and then the videos and Sanja’s photos, as well as the visualisations, brought me back to life. I’m happy, overjoyed and incredibly proud to say that I won’t quit – these new lifestyle habits have become normal and natural and that is so incredibly important. I even managed to get my husband on board and we love Sanja’s meal plans. Overall, I am extremely happy and what’s most important, there’s no yo-yo effect. Thanks again for everything!!!


In one month…

It’s been three weeks since the second photo was taken… and I’m sold. When after 7 weeks of regular exercise and relatively watching what I eat I thought there weren’t any noticeable changes… from 1.5cm lost at the waist to a total of 5cm. WOOHOO!!! I am motivated once again to continue to kick a**!


What have I learnt??? So much, but it’s actually not about what I learnt, it’s about how I feel… and that feeling is PHENOMENAL. I love working out, I love being a part of a team, I love it when my butt or back hurts, and when my arms and legs are shaking from sheer exertion. I love this healthy lifestyle, and I love sharing my exercise experiences with my friends. I used to have a knot in my stomach on the way to the gym, utterly afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it. But Sanja taught me that the phrase ‘I CAN’T’ simply doesn’t exist, there is only ‘IT’S DIFFICULT’. Well, I want to make it to that point where it’s no longer difficult, and the only way to do it is with your team. I no longer have that knot in my stomach… I only get anxious when I know that weekends are two days long and we have no scheduled workouts then. At the first workshop Sanja mentioned that Luka placed a box at the entrance to the gym and it is where we are to leave all our problems. My initial thoughts that a big enough box simply did not exist. But I was wrong... My box is already at the building's entrance. Sorry for being all over the place, by I'm just writing down my thoughts as they come – that's me, it's how I am and how they've accepted me. I love you all!!

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