LeeZona’s mission comes down to one word – change. After several successful years of carrying out our programs and producing incredible results, we decided that in 2020 we need to shift our focus toward new ways of initiating, motivating and creating change. In times of distorted values where an obsession with looks, money and power prevails, we felt that the world we live in is desperate for change and we want and need to do something! (Little did we know 2020 will turn out the way it did! Today we are even happier we started our CIRCLE OF CHANGE and are countinuing to grow it in these difficult times.)

LeeZona, as a place of change, attracts people willing to step out of their comfort zones and finally do something for themselves. And in doing something for themselves, we would now like to encourage them to do something for others as well. To be smart and live healthy and sustainable lives, and together with us initiate great waves of change! Every day!

We’ve realized that we want to spread our influence, and in working with people on an individual basis we can impact communities, the environment, and the world. We want LeeZona members and clients to be motivated by their own transformations to transform the world beyond them.

This is why we started the LeeZona ‘Circle of Change’ – a project where we offer all our members the opportunity to find new purpose and to view themselves, and the world they live in, from a different perspective.

We want to show them that by taking care of themselves, changing their habits, being aware of the food they eat, all while reducing the waste they create, they are not only changing themselves but are having an overall impact, with a little help from LeeZona, on their community as well.

The ‘Circle of Change’ is a way to motivate our members, and hopefully many others, to not throw out but to donate, to volunteer, reduce, reuse and recycle, to support organic food producers and other small businesses. We encourage them to not only focus on themselves but on the needs of others, including children and animals, and in this way they will grow and progress even more!

We want to embolden them to do good and to spread positivity. We want to teach them that small acts make a big difference. That we are stronger together and CAN change the world! Step by step – change by change!

The ‘Circle of Change’ is happening within LeeZona, but it is a concept that each and every person can apply! Create your own circle, change yourself and the world around you in any way you can!

Someone once said: “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.”

LeeZona’s ‘Circle of Change’ currently includes working with: the specialized hospital for children with chronic illnesses in Bistra, local animal shelters Šapica (Paw) and Noina Arka (Noah’s Ark), a number of family run farms… and we plan on infinitely expanding that work.

If you’d like to join our ‘Circle’, whether you are a member of LeeZona or not, you can contact us at for more information on how you can help, or you can directly contact: / 098 521 803 / 01 232 9663 / 091 3214696

You can also create your own circle. It’s time to move because the only thing that is constant is change. So let’s make sure it’s always heading in the right direction!!!

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