Our 5th season of LIVE, a unique concept with a progressive approach, is launching in an equally unique and progressive space: BIOTRENING CENTRE!


Along with all our programs, you will have access to physiotherapists, orthopedists, massages, and even a CRYO sauna. Now you really have no more excuses! We know you’ve had enough and that you finally want to get yourself together. We know that you want to feel good and be healthier. We also know that you wouldn’t mind looking better too. But we also know that you need support! We want to show you that you can not only transform your body but your mind as well! Our programs are unique in concept, no matter what your fitness levels are! SWEAT! with Sanja and her LeeZona Team! EAT! with the help of personalized meal plans! BE! in balance with help from Mental Training and Sanja’s workshops! ROUND OFF! your change with our CIRCLE and help yourself and others. Catch the wave of change!

LeeZona is the first and only multidisciplinary fitness concept of its kind and it can prepare you even for the zombie apocalipse!


Let's be real: the way things are going right now, it' better to be prepared, right? Our ZONA 5S workout program is going to rock your world! And your body! It's created for all levels of fitness enthusiasts! You will lose weight (if you need to), tone and define your body and build your muscle mass ( much needed in zombie fights). The program was heavily tested on innocent citizens who are now equiped to handle every outcome of the upcoming months.

Sweat! Check it out!

To fight the zombies, you need to fine dine!


Choose from 3 different meal plans, including PESCATARIAN and GLUTEN-FREE. Each meal plan is categorized and adjusted according to your current goals as a human who wants to survive the zombie apocalipse. Our meal plans also include recipes, tips and weekly shopping lists to make your transition to healthier eating a breeze!


We all now the real fight is in our mind, if we win there, zombies don't stand a chance!


Our visualisations will help you achieve and maintain focus, while our MENTAL TRAINING exercises, geared toward relaxation and emotional control, will help you catch the wave to healthier habits and a better you! And that's only the tip of the iceberg. We have so much planned for you in the very near future. You see, we want to make an army of Woody Harrelsons and we will do so!


As a place of change, LeeZona invites you to not only change yourself, but to "round off" your change by changing the world arround you! Reduce waste! Donate! Volounteer! Help! Recycle! Be compassionate!

"A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple" Pushkar Saraf

We’re here for you! It’s not only important to take care of yourself but of each other!


Our private FB group provides encouragement, advice and answers to all your questions. We support each other through rough times and celebrate each obstacle conquered!


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